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Best Romantic lyricist-VM or Vaalee or budding young talents. Best Romantic lyricist-VM or Vaalee or budding young talents.

Topic started by vinod alangaaram (@ on Fri May 10 02:19:17 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

IMO, I do consider the lyrics of a song has equal role to play in the songs as music does.
Many lyric writers has contributed to TFM not ot forget kanndasan,pattukottai kalyana sundaram and many more.
In today's world(keeping in mind ppl who can write quality stuff for ARR harris, IR, SAR) , who do you think offers best lyrics for romantic songs-vaalee or VM or the new talents.

IMO I love VM a lot esp the lyrics of kannalane(BOMBAY)
'pani thuli thaan enna seyyu mO
moongil kattil thee vilUm pothu
moogil kada endru ayi nal mathu'

from vidai kodu engal naade(KM the following lines
'kadal vaasal thelli kum veeday
panai mara kadaey
paravaigal koodey'--clearly depipcts the scenic beauty of eelam.

guys lets start discussing lyrics which impress you all times-I prefer inclining towards romantic music of today.


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