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Top 5 (for the week) Top 5 (for the week)

Topic started by Bharadwaj (@ on Sun Mar 19 13:39:39 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Though there is list for the top albums in this forum. There is not a list for the top songs. Each of us could LIST the 5 favourite songs for the week. Based on the votes we could RANK the 5 best songs for the week(at the end of the week). This way we could get a feel for the popular songs and new listeners could get to listen the best songs from various albums.

My choice for the week:(in no particular order)

1) Snehidhane-Alaipayuthe
2) Nee Partha-Hey Ram
3) Roja Poonthotam-Kannukul Nilavu
4) Nee Engae-Taj Mahal
5) Azhagana Ratchazhiye-Mudhalvan

If net-savvy friends could compile the ranked songs and provide a link, music lovers could then get to hear the best songs at one site instead of looking for them at different sites.


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