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<b>Udhaya By A.R.Rahman</b> Udhaya By A.R.Rahman

Topic started by Dinesh (@ on Sat Dec 6 09:46:25 EST 2003.
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Song list :
1.Pookum Malarkal - Hariharan
2.Udhaya Udhaya - Hariharan & Sadhana Sargam
3.Thiruvelikeni Raani - Karthik & Sukhwinder Singh
4.Enna Enna - Shankar Mahadevan & Gopika
5.Anjanam - S.Janaki & SPB

Songs R Big Hit??Source cinesouth

"I will stop Simran's Honeymoon!"
- 05-12-2003
'Pyramid Natarajan has come up with a new threat- if Simran refuses to complete the remaining scenes from the film 'Udhaya, he would go to the extent of stopping her honeymoon!


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Simran, who got married on December 2nd had not yet completed her share of the work in the film 'Udhaya'. She still has to complete two song sequences. Pyramid Natarajan had gone to the Courts for getting 12 days of her call sheets to complete the film. Still, Simran is not so willing to complete the film. An enraged Natarajan is now threatening to take serious action against her.

He spoke to Cinesouth about this.

" 'Udhaya' was started two years ago by Azhagan Perumal, who was a student of Manirathnam. When the film was launched, Vijay and Simran were the leading stars in Tamil. AR Rehman was signed up for composing music. The film had such a good star-team.

My other film 'Sangamam' flopped, so I couldn't pour my money into this film. But, when I finally did manage to get some money, it was next to impossible to get the call sheets of Vijay and Simran. The film's songs had been released ages ago and they had become big hits too, but, still we haven't finished shooting the songs. - V.Natarajan

Movie is set to released :
Udaya has music by A.R.Rahman and the audio was launched six months back. Now ‘Pyramid’ Natarjan is hoping to complete the film and release it for Pongal 2004!


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