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Illaiyaraja/KR Should Compose For The NEW Space AGE: Redefine Music For The 25th Century Illaiyaraja/KR Should Compose For The NEW Space AGE: Redefine Music For The 25th Century

Topic started by The Fan (@ on Fri Dec 4 02:26:02 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Folks, any input here on the possibilities that IR and KR have the interest to develop musical composition patterns that will be more relevant to the mood and phenomenal advancements of the Nanotechnology and Space Age Sounds of the 22nd Century? It is my wishful thinking. Hey, what is that our Isaignani not explored musically of the great mystic sounds and moods of Indian folk, spiritual and rustic life on this earthy.

My question is, would the Maestro transcend to thoe New Age sounds of Space, of loneliness, of virtual isolation, virtual nostalgia, of virtual dimensions, virtual representations, virtual sentiments, virtually everything of a unimaginable virtue. I am thinking of the shades of neo-modern translucence you feel when reading Aynn Rand's Fountainhead or hearing the sounds of something really metaphysical.

What do you guys think? This is an abstract topic, as abstract as you understand the resilience and malleability of the greatest of great Geniuses, Shri Illaiyaraja.

Let us dive into the ultra surrealist world of space and higher self actualisated life styles.

My Final Thought: There can be only one Illaiyaraja, no gene or space technology can reproduce this creation to that level of perfection.


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