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Who is the most Melodious MD? MSV Vs KVM Vs IR Vs ARR? Who is the most Melodious MD? MSV Vs KVM Vs IR Vs ARR?

Topic started by Raghuvaran (@ on Tue Jan 22 08:30:23 EST 2002.
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1) KVM is well known for his Carnatic Abilities

2) MSV is well known for his "Mellisai" Abilities

3) IR is well known for his melodious tunes

4) ARR is well known for his Rhythm & Western music.

I feel that IR is the DON when it comes to everlasting melodies, although KVM + MSV were very melodius, I feel that their melodies were often similar or had some thing similar in it.

But IR's melodies were all unique, they are a very pleasent for the Ears,Heart & soul, IR + SPB combination is still in our hearts, some IR 's typical Melodies are;

1) Khadhalin deepam ondru - SPB
2) Illaya nila pozhigirathu - SPB
3) Nilave vaa - SPB
4) Vellai pora ondru - KJY
5) Raasathi unnai kaanathe nenju - P.jeyachandran, later clonned by S.A.Rajkumar in the song "Rosapu chinna rosapu".

6) Sundhari Kannal oru sethi - SPB +SJ
7) Oru sanam thongirichu - SJ
8) Oru raagam paadhal osai kaathil - KJY +SJ
9) Varam thantha sammiku - SPB +PS
10) Thulli thulli nee paadam ma seethaiyamma - SPB
11) Thulli thulli pogum penne sollikondru poonal enna - KJY
12) Mouna maana neram izha manthil- SPB +SJ

..... so on.


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