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Flower Thread of Flower Thread of

Topic started by JPM (@ on Thu Sep 19 02:41:10 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Now you cant go to Jerry Goldsmith and say Morricone was better.. or go to
John Williams and say he is a lowlife and say someone else was better. You are sure to be smacked right across your face.

The reason being, its simply a matter of taste. Since, all arguments on the quality of music are mostly arbitrary
and tend to be highly subjective.. the commercial success of an album will be a more objective criterion for
rating a composer. Also, it must be noted that if an album fails, its not as if the composer has fizzled out..
it only signifies the composer has not been in the best of his forms in that particular album. No one in their right mind
can say for instance, En Mana Vaanil flopped so Raja is out for sure. the same goes for Baba..
However, since one album's success cannot reflect on composer's success, consistency is what is taken as the next criteria. We rate success
over a period of time. the basic criteria is.. Volume of hits to no. of movies. Once this is done, it will be instantly clear which composer is successful at this point of time or has been for this many years. Yet,
you must realize we are talking about only success and not quality. They are interdependent but not exclusively so.
If you think quality must be rated, then its only going to lead to further pointless arguments such as "I like him,
my friends like him, My White boss said his bgm is great, my brother's hindi-speaking friend was blown away.. so What the Hell?"
and these debaters conveniently deduce from their anecdotal evidence that the one who argues otherwise is a nut case and
promptly suggest so. This results in threads being populated with obscenities which we can live without.

anyway, now few questions to both ar rahman and raja fans.. answer whichever concerns you

1. What innovations have raja and rahman done respectively in tfm? Again, no anecdotes, no numerical advantage etc.
(I know this has been done in tfm page for a long long while but heck, it would be interesting to recap than to watch tfmpage
rot in shame)
2. Why do you think Rahman/ Raja is commercially successful?
3. Why do you think Rahman/ Raja is internationally acclaimed?
4. Quote some memorable bgms or interludes which you think fellow df-ers will like too. (my gripe is these days tfmpage threads lose
focus and look like some public chat room) Will be better if u can give links to those bits.
5. Try to listen to a famous/relatively album of Other composer and do a sincere review and try to list out the good things about the album
after all, every album will have some good thing in it that you will like..(without resorting to he knows only dham-dhamakku
or he is only sound engineer et al) If you are dissed by some bad aspects of the album.. do post it but politely so that other df-ers will not be
6. Anything else you can think of..

I know all those longtimers sighing.. but dont u think this is better than personal mudslingings and obscenities?

lets see how long this thread continues to talk about music only without abusing composers/fellow df-ers...
Game on..


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