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Greatest Contribution of Ilayaraja to TFM Greatest Contribution of Ilayaraja to TFM

Topic started by Gowri (@ on Wed Feb 13 23:08:16 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

What is Contribution? It means doing some thing that has never been done before. Or playing a significant role. In Thamizh, the word that comes to mind is "puratchi."
I believe every aspect of our great Isai Gnani has been explored in this forum except for a particular genre of songs. In this particular kind of songs, Ilayaraja is the mudisoodaa mannan. No one from MSV, KVM, ARR can touch Ilayaraja in this matter.

Okay, enough of this, let me get to the matter at hand. I urge all Fans, Fanatics, Dissenters and everyone else to contribute to this thread. Let me do the Pillayar Suzhi:

1. Nethu rathiri yemma (ursurpassed description of what happened)
2. Nilaa kaayuthu (who would have thought that munungals can be put to tune)
3. Antha nilavathaan naa kaiyule pudichen (by the master himself)
4. Eduthu vach paalum virichu vacha paayum (if music can be sexy, this is it)
5. Maaman oru naal malliyapoo koduthaan (innocent but deadly)
6. Orampo orampo rukkumani vandi varuthu (no doublespeak here - every thing is direct)
7. Raathiriyil poothirukkum (what a romatic song!)
8. Vaada vaattuthu (yet another masterpiece by the master himself)


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