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Unnikrishnan's Live Concert in New Jersey July 8 Unnikrishnan's Live Concert in New Jersey July 8

Topic started by Dorai (@ on Mon Jul 9 11:39:33 EDT 2001.
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I attented Unnikrishnan's Live concert in New Jersey on July 8th. It turned out to be a nice one eventhough he sang with the Tamil Sangam's Local Orchestra. There are a few embarassing moments for Unni, like for eg., when he was singing naramugayee (from Irruvar), the music being played from a Karoake tape, the music stopped abruptly in the middle. Unni was stunned for a moment and then recovered quickly to say, the music stopped right, so that's it.

He sang very nicely throught the concert. He was accompanied by singer Devan (smiye Aae fame), Mala and some local singers like Anita, et al. Here is the list of some of the songs.

1. Innisai Padivarum - Unnik (This was the opening Number by Unnik)
2. Theenda Thenda - from Thulluvado Illamai)
3. En Ulle En Ulle - from arthen Rasithen
4. Un Peyerai Sonnala - from DUM DUM DUM
5. Roja Roja - from Kadhalar Dinam
6. Kallangallil Aval vasandam - from Pava Mannipu
7. Ennavalle Ennavalle - from Kadalan
8. Haira Haira Hairappa - From Jeans
9. Puvukul Ollundhirukkum - From Jeans
10. A song from Minnalee ( I can't recall it)
11. Naramugaya - From Irruvar
12. Soniya Soniya - From Ratchagan
13. Senyorita Senyorita - From YSR's movie
14. Mustafa Mustafa

Songs by Devan
1. Macareena Macareena - From Kushi
2. Smiye Aye - From Kandu Konden Kandu konden
3. Mustafa Mustafa

Songs by others
1. Vaseegara - From Minnale
2. Snegidhanee - From Allaipayudhe
3. Malligai En Mannan - From some old KR Vijaya movie
4. Taal se Taal - Nicely sung by two kids

May be if I missed some songs, please add to the list. Overall it was a nice effort by UnniK and Devan who's presence electrified the crowd. He sounded very easy going and nice guy.


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