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<b>D Immaan's Bollywood debut</b> D Immaan's Bollywood debut

Topic started by Jay (@ on Sun Apr 20 23:32:20 EDT 2003.
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His parents made him take up music lessons just so he could play during the hymnal in church. But it is in the field of entertainment that this music director has made a mark. At 20, Immaan has scored music for about 50 jingles, 40 tele-serials, a couple of Tamil films and one Hindi film.
His parents wanted him to play the piano in the church so he went went for music classes when he was four-and-a-half years old. What he recollects of his childhood and school days are the the one hectic rush he made from school to one music lesson after another. For, Immaan also simultaneously trained in Carnatic and Hindustani music and also the drums. He learnt singing as well as playing Keerthanas and ragas on the keyboard and had also passed the 8th grade in practical and theory classes in piano from the Trinity College of Music, London.
When he was just 13, Immaan worked as a keyboard programmer for south indian music director, Adithyan and the late music composer, Mahesh. He did that for five years, and that was tough, having to rush to recording studios after school, work till 2:00 AM and then get up early to go to school.
Passionate though he is about music, at no point has he been allowed to neglect studies. His father is a teacher and saw to it he never slacked at school. Then, when Immaan was 15, he got his first jingle-for Kumaran Silks. He got offers for jingles and TV serials. Then got introduced to Kutty Padmini who asked him to score music for her serials". Krishnadasi was his first big hit.
He got a sort of attached to Kutty Padmini's company. So, when they produced their first film, Kadhalae Swasam, Immaan was the natural choice. Immaan has also scored music for G V Films' Vijay and Priyanka Chopra starrer, Tamizhan and also for one Hindi film, Khwahish. The Hindi film just happened to him. Sound Engineer Deepak Chatterjee heard the background score he had done for Tamizhan and was impressed. He suggested Immaan's name since the director of Khwahish, Govind Menon, was looking for a music director.
He has also done the title song for the Malayalam film, Chinna Bollywood. Currently, Immaan is working on two Tamil films - Sena (Sathyaraj and Raksha) and Whistle (Vikram Aadithya, Sherein, Gayathri Raghuram).
Immaan has also two albums to his credit. One he cut way back in school. The first, Style Style thaan, a Tamil pop album, Aruna Records, was cut when he was in his 9th std. The next one, Shamma, by Magnasound, featured other singers like Mano and pop Shalini.
People he really admires include Vivaldi, SD and RD Burman and Mohd. Rafi. And music is what he wants to take up as a career. But he is serious about getting his degree, who is doing his third year BA Literature in Pachiyappas College. Though he doesn't attend classes regularly, his professors are extremely supportive and encouraging.
What next? As of now, he wants people to recognise his talent. Once he achieves that, then he'll see what more can he do".

by Priya M Menon from YES-The New Indian Express dated Friday April 11, 2003.


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