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Identical Orchestration for Identical Situation (IOIS) kind Raja Songs! Identical Orchestration for Identical Situation (IOIS) kind Raja Songs!

Topic started by Fliflo (@ on Fri Nov 30 19:13:54 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I was hearing to "Vilakku Vaipom...Vilakku Vaippom" (Aatma) and happened to notice a similar orchestration in few other songs having a similar situations..some to name are "malaikoil vaasalile" (veera) and "Aasaia Kaatrile Thoothu Vittom (Jhonny). I am sure many might have had this in their minds. To our surprise, the tunes appear rather different from one to other..One othe example is, Othadi...Othadi (donno) is similar to Annathe Aaduraar othiko..Othiko (AS)..Occasionally, I hear an "identical orchestration for identical situation (IOIS) songs, which I can not bring it out suddenly..I am sure other fans wud have paid more attention to this..Let me learn from what others observe and think about it...


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