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ARR's skills in Composing tunes for Lyrics. ARR's skills in Composing tunes for Lyrics.

Topic started by Common Friend (@ on Sat Feb 2 10:01:05 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

With all humility, I request all others not to make this thread yet another battle ground.

Now, I read that the "Chinna chinna aasai" and "azhagu" songs were written way before ARR actually composed tune for it. He did amazingly well on these songs that one of them went on to start a new chapter in IFM history.

I want you guys to discuss ARR's skills in composing tunes for lyrics. How good is he in this area. More examples....more thoughts....
All are welcome to write in favour of or againts this skill of ARR. But, maintain decency...please.


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