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Ten of the greatest instrumental bits Ten of the greatest instrumental bits

Topic started by Nithin Sreedevan (@ on Sat Apr 25 03:39:43 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Friends, I am just being swept away once again after a long gap of 6 years by the consummate and enhanting musical compositions of Ilaiyaraja. Here, I want to list 10 of the best instrumental pieces I have heard from across most genres of music. This way, I am sure many more new listeners can appreciate the absolute greatness of IR's compositions. I always felt that IR, who is perhaps the rarest of the rare and the most perfect creative artiste of all, needs some more spreading the gospel by people like me to enable many more people to be aware of, and enjoy this great man's creations. Hope this thread gets some input of any nature, but please focus only on interludes of IR and others as well.


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