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Best of the rest Best of the rest

Topic started by vengayam (@ on Wed Aug 14 04:31:04 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

We have had n tending to impatience ( not infinity!) threads about IR & ARR. So let us talk primarily about the good output of other MDS.
For starters
1.adityan had a not so bad effort in " Oyila paadum paatu" & vettila potta shokkule". where is he now.
2.Thalai vasal had more than passable music by Ilaya barathi. where is he now.
3.Cheran paandiyan had half an excellent song by sowdaryan. The start of kaadal kaditham was very good but midway it jumps into familar zone.
4.rajan Nagendra recycled " Inti Inti ramayanam" in Veetukku veedu vaasapadi. the music for Iru Nilavugal is also good. where are they now?
5 aslam Musthafa had a great opening bit in" Kicchu kicchu pannuda ' . movie mitta mirasu. is he doing anything now.
6. Maragathamani aka MM Kreem aka Keeravani is also not heard these days. azhagan songs were quite good.
7 Amsaleka was ok in "selai kattum pennukk...'
8.Devenran was quite good in "Vedam Puthithu" But I think he got caught in the crossfire between IR & BR. They came together in Nadodi Thenral & we have not heard anything from devendran have we?
8 Narasimhan started with abang in achamillai2 but hten gradually fizzled out. Amir John gave him acouple of chances I suppose but that is about it barring a weak comeback in a Revathi movie.
Of course we can talk about Bharadwaj, Vidya SagarChirpi (if we have to!), Mani Sharma, et al.
Other one time wonders can also be read if not heard!
Let this be grunge forum


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