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Baba Rap - Blaaze, 128kbps Original Soundtrack available Baba Rap - Blaaze, 128kbps Original Soundtrack available

Topic started by Piraba (@ on Sun Dec 29 13:08:29 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

BABA RAP128kbps Original Soundtrack is available download in the yahoo group arrahmanfans. It is really very nice to hear. I don't know Y such a great ARR masterpiece was not included in Audio. Actually this Rap would have been a key for boosting the BABA Audio(which that AVERAGE reports). The Baba team has made a great mistake by not including this in the Audio. ARR has himself felt bad that the song was not included in the Audio and has said this in a interview.

Baba Rap - Blaaze lyric

Come, come on
Come on, come on, come on

Yo! I'm about to explode
Here I come can you feel my flow
Baba - that's what they say,
B to the A to the B to the A


Yo! I'm about to begin
For the justice I will win
Can you stop me? You cannot!
Get, get out or you will get shot

Do you hear me loud and clear
Lemme tell you Baba's here
Do not watch, we have no fear
I'm a magical man, oh yeah!

I'm a man on a mission with a vision as I hear the beat storming to an
Indian tradition
Well they try to make the whole world safe and free
The name is Baba, yeah that's me!

(B to the A to the B to the A)

The name is Baba, yeah that's me!


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