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The best debut movie by any MD in TFM The best debut movie by any MD in TFM

Topic started by Prabhu Das (@ on Thu Jun 21 21:30:31 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Guys, I thought of starting this thread for quite some time , it will be nice if everybody contributes a decent openion, without attacking any one particular MD over the other, particularly IR vs ARR. Please give your openions about the MDs who did good job with very few TFM yet reasonably OK job, ex.. Shivaji Raja, Hamsaleka, Mr. Kreem ...sorrryyyy Maragadamani, Raveendran from Kerala,.
You can avoid the ones like K Bagyaraj etc.. (God.. Isn't it pathetic tamil makkal have to put up with this kind of nonsense sometimes, rather most of the times).

We can restrict to probably 1970's onwards, unless a few really want to discuss about KVM, MSV-TKR, etc.

Personally I am a diehard HC IR fan ( Thanks to IR and his immortal music, which always helps me to be attached to my every memories which I had during most of my high school, college, and now professional life), however I listen to other good MD's music to be specific...ARR, KR, YSR and now HJ ( He is good .. believe me, after quite some time I heard little bit of good BGM in some places in MINNALE, the movie although is another crap anyway).
My personal top three debut albums are (with some bias from my addiction to IR music) Annakili, Roja and Oru thali raagam. I struggle to decide between Roja and Annakili to be number on edebut album ever in TFM. I am not writing the criteria why I think they are best, but we can start another thread on that.

Again, please no personal attacks, no individual attacks on any single MD, (I never mind if somebody attacks Deva.....just kidding, although I hate to be in a place where there is a Deva song playing, just my personal stuff.. don't tell me then I can never walk in Tamil Nadu, I am from Karnataka, so no much exposure to his crap...)

Have great discussion guys, it will be good if you write why on e particular album is best the other.

Prabhu Das


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