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SOLLa marantha KKathai -Review SOLLa marantha KKathai -Review

Topic started by Mumbai Ramki (@ on Sun Oct 20 04:05:44 EDT 2002.
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Hello friends ,
This is my review for SMK.I have used the word "compared " ,which means that the quality of the song is comparable to

1.Katuulae-Vidhu Pradhapan
He is a new singer.A typical folk solo song from Illas.It can be compared to the solo song from THALATTU (arvind swamy ) .Nothing special .7.5/10

2.Gundu Malli -Harish Raghavendar ,Shreay Goshal
One wonders if shreya ghoshal is a north indian .I don't think so .Her prounication is very good. The song i s very pleasant .It can be compared to "apadai pakarthu venam " from IVAN .
3.Amma sonna-Illayaraja

A AMMA sentiment song .Nothing special .But it is a good melody .Can be compare dto the song "Naan Yaru yennaku ethum theriala " from Chiina jamin ( karthick ) 8 /10

4.Panaam Mattum -Illayaraja
Thatahvum song ..But average song .A very typical folk song . 7 /10 .The interludes are good.

5.Amma Sonna -iLas ,Vijay Yesudas
the same song as 3 .But sounds better .

6.Jakamma -Illayarja and mayilsamy (!!!!)
ILLAS ,i think has usung in different voices in this song ...Immediat rejection 6 /10

7.etho Onnu -Karthick and Bhavatharni
God song .Can be compared to " oliyale " from AZHAGI ...Good melody 9/10

SS has not been used .I hope u are happy now .
On the hwole it is agood labum from ILLAS.


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