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<b>Like phoenix, Deva finds his way back</b> Like phoenix, Deva finds his way back

Topic started by h (@ on Wed Feb 25 04:33:38 EST 2004.
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After a long gap in his career, Music Director Thenishai Thenral Deva again becomes busy with new projects. Even though music director Thenishai Thenral Deva was once the hit maker including films acted by superstar Rajani and Ulaganayakan Kamal and other leading heroes, he was not available for sometime by being withdrawn from the field. Deva in combo with his brothers Sabhaesh - Murali, once acquired a prominent place in the Gana music - Colloquial rap music world, become the heartthrob of fans thorough his divine music. As with the time Deva started getting less and less opportunities. Later he was missing from the music scenario. As with the Ilayaraja, A.R Rahman, Harris Jayaraj, Vidhyasagr started ruling the music, or may be with competition becoming higher Deva failed to be active. What ever may be the reasons, now again making music lovers, especially Deva's music lovers happy, Deva makes a reentry unleashing all his well-appreciated talents? As with the latest Kodambakkam news reveals out of 31 films completed pooja, Deva bags the majority. Dependable sources confirms more than 8 films are signed for Deva's music direction and discussions are going on for another two three films. We believe that Deva will definitely use this rare golden opportunity to comeback again to his throne as leading music director. Be ready to enjoy the Devas music.


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