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Question from a Northie.. Question from a Northie..

Topic started by Shriram (@ on Wed Jul 16 23:06:19 EDT 2003.
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I confess to being near-zero in awareness of south India film history. I know only of stars like Shivaji Ganeshan or Rajnikant - but I am amazed to see the sort of discussion that goes about various historical aspects of Tamil films. Very interesting..

Some time ago, I had somehow managed to see part of a movie starring Shivaji Ganeshan and Padmini at a Tamil friend's house. It was a very old B&W film - some comedy. What struck me was the near-angelic beauty of Padmini. And how was it that her looks deterioated so fast ? I mean no offence. But she was certainly not as lovely in her Hindi films and I have seen a few of them. In fact, by the late 60s movies, she was downright terrible. And worse, vulgar.

Does she also have a history of drink like a Meena Kumari? My friend also told me that Shivaji Ganeshan-Padmini pair was the Raj Kapoor-Nargis pair of Tamil films. Is that so ?

Sorry if I have offended anyone. I was just looking for info on the actress and just thought of trying my hand at this knowledgable forum. If this is sacrilege here, could you point me where I can get such info ?



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