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YSR is commited for next Vijay's Project "Velan" YSR is commited for next Vijay's Project "Velan"

Topic started by Rajan (@ on Mon May 14 05:17:05 EDT 2001.
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YSR is commited for next Vijay's Project "Velan" to be directed by Thirupathiswamy an leading director in telugu and now making his debut in vijayakanth film "Narashima".. Moreover YSR is committed for two more telugu projects with cast by bavan kalyan and another one with Venkatesh. Already he is doing some nice projects like Nanda and Chemba.. looks like this guy is very much in leading the race with the well established ARR and newly emerged Harris Jeyaraj.. others like SAR, Deva and bharadwaj are not in the race.. they are catering for films of second cadre directors like vikraman's and K.S.Ravikumar's.. what do u guys think?


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