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Quality Tamil Entertainment Service(NonProfit) Quality Tamil Entertainment Service(NonProfit)

Topic started by Kum_Ladem (@ on Fri Sep 27 18:30:25 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I have been talking to the webmaster of one of our main mp3 songs sources---> <--- He is willing to devote his skills and time to make a decent tamil web entertainment, with the followings.

1. All new latest updates of mp3, fast and best quality
2.Good (if not big )Collection of Tamil songs(old,new,everything!)
3.some good tamil music videos in vcd quality
4. a vcd movie updated every 2 weeks. (or a week), vcd could be requested too!
5. Member Request songs
6. Good Member areas such as chat, voice chat, forum etc etc........

We all know there is some sites and p2p softwares where u get ur stuff but they always had been slow and unreliable. This site will be your ultimate one and only choice. But the thing is he gotto pay around $100 per month for the server and bandwitdh. So only thing is the cost as he cant make it from his own pocket.He wants to know if you guys will be able to make one time membership payment as low as $2 or $3 (US).
Its only one time and he is confident as his site is visited by 6000 daily.

I told tfmpage is a real good place to know the people's openion so he appreciates your openions.
Thanks all.



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