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Topic started by archivist (@ on Tue Nov 12 11:40:45 EST 2002.
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Has anyone heard all 5 songs of Priyanka? Out of this world, melodious, supermelodious and such consummate songs with brilliant interludes. Same with Raasaiyya songs - but i think this one was made in Hindi movie mode (i think in Hindi as Chhaila, the songs sounded like the best Hindi album I've ever heard and how is that those radio stations in Bombay downplay IR? ) Anybody feel the same about Raasaiyaa, because the tunes are so different.

Then Singaravelan & Veera, with different styles and moods with all songs amazing, amazing, amazing. These are all post Rahman entry and to say that nursery rhymes captured nation' imagination can say why IR was down during 1992 to 1996! The above four albums are now my all time joint no.1 favorites bringing down Chemmeen & Annakkilli to no. 2 spot! I'm currently feeling very ecstatic and paralyzed at the same time listening to Priyanka songs. In recent years, these are 4 albums with all songs super (and extremely difficult compositions) and that too from IR after brought down by Rahman.


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