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Are TFM and general Indian music fans truly open minded? Are TFM and general Indian music fans truly open minded?

Topic started by oneness does not mean uniqueness but ability to accept differences (@ on Wed Jan 1 16:17:07 EST 2003.
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Very interesting to learn that Lata Mangeshkar does not like Western Pop music. She has been in the music field for over 60 years and goes to show how much people, whether they are the elite or the poor, would limit their thinking and understanding that result in propogation of prejudices (such as what we see in cruder forms in politics and religion) RSS, SIMI - (in these two institutions, very highly educated bigots are funding "hate" propoganda, churches.

My question is, are TFM fans open minded, I know IR fans are the most educated about music and they have a high sense of appreciation abilities, but i don't see that in Hindi film msuci or Rahman fans. Am I right or wrong? Music' purpose is to liberate not tie us down, bring us closer to realization, the divine, not pin us down to familiar passions.... In 2003, where do TFM fans stand ? Are the majority open to new ideas or is there is a stronger minority continuing to believe that other composers, others forms, other languages are a problem?!


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