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sapthaswarangal - What a farce! sapthaswarangal - What a farce!

Topic started by * (@ on Mon Jan 19 09:35:30 EST 2004.
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There have been several doubts about SSL in this forum but no matter what, the recent episodes were a big joke to say the least. I am not sure whether this was SSL finals or just a Bangalore episode or just Blr finals..but surely AV Ramanan could have gone for some better judge than the utterly useless Vasundhara Das, who right thru the entire 3 weeks, had absolutely no idea where she was, what she was doing and what she was supposed to do! To her great credit, happily managed 3 words of tamil in the final week!!

Similar progs on other channels have been calling up really solid playbacks of yesteryear, why cant SSL do that? Some weeks before they called up the chaps who 'acted' in BOYS as judges!! Have they stopped inviting classical artists like they used to do?

Feel sorry for the candidates who were taken for a ride by a judge playing Blindman's Bluff. In the end Vasundhara justified her choice of winners by saying they were 'more confident while singing'. Needless to say, AVR asked her to sing Ye*2 ennachu and other junks and the tamasha was complete.


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