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IR's 3rd movie! IR's 3rd movie!

Topic started by Karthik S (@ on Wed Jan 2 05:09:45 EST 2002.
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Was reading an article about a unreleased movie of Shivaji Ganesan, I think in Kumudam, recently. It was made by a Srilankan tamilian who based the movie's theme on the 9 point scheme introduced by Indira Gandhi. The Janata government came to power and did not allow the movie to be released and subsequently it has been lying in the cans till now. The movie (I forgot its name, will get it tomorrow!) stars Shivaji and Sujata in the lead roles and has IR's music. The producer of the movie intends to release it as a tribute to Shivaji later this yer. He also mentions that this is IR's 3rd movie!

That brings up an interesting thing. How do you think the music will be? Considering its his thrid movie, will it have shades of annakili? Would it appeal to today's tastes?

I'm sure curious to listen to it! Its like digging out a time capsule buried way back in the 70s.


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