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Aslam Mustafa - New MD for Mitta Mirasu Aslam Mustafa - New MD for Mitta Mirasu

Topic started by Karthik S (@ on Tue Apr 10 03:30:15 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Ithukellam/ Ivanukellam oru thread'nnu ketpadhu purikirathu....seri irukattumennu thaan!

Has anybody heard the songs from Mitta Mirasu (*ing Prabhu, Roja, Dir: Mu Kalanjiyam)?

Music by debutant (in films) Aslam Mustafa. His past work includes a tamil pop album 'excuse me', a hindi pop album with Shibani Kashyap 'ho gayee hai mohobbat' and a few singing assignments with Rahman, including Love Birds' 'samba samba'.



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