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Gowri Manohari Gowri Manohari

Topic started by Karthik (@ on Mon Aug 14 03:17:28 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

01. There was this small time movie by name Gowri Manohari which had some amazing tunes. I have heard song, 'aruvi kooda jadhi illamal', fantastic number. Who composed the music? Any idea?

02. Who was the MD for the vijaykanth starrer 'kaviyathalaivan'? I was told he was the same as the one who scored music for pandiyarajan's valli vara pora under another name (i think siddarta) and also for a 7th channel movie starring ramesh arvind and sivaranjani? How many names does this guy have, finally?

03. Where is MD Adityan these days? Hibernating? I thot he was doing a decent job (at times, that is)!


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