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ARR's orchestral foray a disaster or a sign? ARR's orchestral foray a disaster or a sign?

Topic started by Note Man (@ on Wed Mar 10 22:27:55 EST 2004.
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An article summarizing ARR's 'disastrous' foray into the classical orchestra conducting for the Birmingham Orchestra. The widespread criticism from the West, on his conducting
capabilities can be easily dismissed as racism or can even be considered normal scenario with critics. But on the flip side we might as well question ARR's capacity, when he is removed from his favorite synthesizers and computers. What do the DFers think? Has ARR failed his first test in acoustic orchestrization and conducting? He did not even have to compose anything new.

BTW what was the orchestra trying to achieve by orchestrizing something which has already been done? Couldn't they have asked ARR to come up a fresh composition? Would that have made any difference in ARR's performance?


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