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IR is a genius why? IR is a genius why?

Topic started by Isai (@ on Sun Aug 25 23:41:40 EDT 2002.
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When IR entered into Tamil Film it was dominated by Mellisai Mannar MSV. He usually composed only mellisai songs like his name. He didn't show any variety. Background Music concept was Zero. IR with his brothers just with one harmonium entered TFM. IR was living from hand to mouth unlike ARR who had everything he asked for. Whatever he earned was so less. He had to work his way up.
I personally look upon IR as not only a genial MD and also a source of inspiration. He came against so many odds. Whenever i am faced with a problem i look upon IR as source of inpiration. He started with Annakkili. 'Machana Patheengala' was heard in every village. It was an instant success.
Then came Bharathi Raja who revolutionized Tamil film with 100% outdoor shooting in 16 vayadinile.
"Senthurapoove" song instantly won accolades from all sundries. From then on IR and Bharathi Raja gave one hit after the other. Even BR's flop movie "Kadhal Oviyam" had great songs. The late 70s and 80s saw so many revolution in movie making. Great directors like Mahendran, Bharathi Raja, Balu Mahendra, Bhagyaraj, S.P.Muthuraman emerged. IR satisfied all the directors. Not a single director had problems with IR. 70s and 80s and 90s in TFM belong to IR. Because great songs don't die. Even after years 90% of the songs i hear are from IR movies. This is a testimony to his ability to score memorable and long lasting songs. There was never an IR, is never an IR, will never be an IR. He has been giving us divine music for the last 26 years. He will be giving.


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