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IR is the best Music Director India has ever produced IR is the best Music Director India has ever produced

Topic started by JJ (@ on Fri Jul 12 04:28:43 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

We have produced so many MDs since 30s. R.D.Burman, S.D.Burman, MSV, KVM etc... But None has scored widerange of music better than IR.
He was equally good in all types of music. Infact he defined how the folk songs should be. It is his 26th year since he entered. His longevity is incredible. He has entered into Guinness book of records. He is the first Asian to compose in Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Even to enter there one needs some kind of class. He was just a music regional director at that time. He has scored some of the best songs in tamil movie history. If one lists 100 best songs in tamil film history,
atleast 50 would be that of IR, some 49 would be before his arrival, rest will go to others. I conclude he is the best MD India has ever produced.


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