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<b>Hari-Harris Jayaraj ARUL launched</b> Hari-Harris Jayaraj ARUL launched

Topic started by t (@ on Sun Dec 21 22:58:48 EST 2003.
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Vikram's 'Arul' gets rolling!
- 20-12-2003
After giving three mega hits in the year 2003- 'Dhool', 'Saami' and 'Pitamagan', Vikram is soon going to open the 2004 innings.

Two giants come together to make 'Arul'- Director Hari, who is gaining reputation of being a mega-budget director and Vikram, who is being described as the next Superstar.

As usual, Hari is repeating his favorite Music Director, Harris Jayaraj in this film too. And, Jyothika plays VIkram's love interest in this film.

Since this is a Vikram-Hari team up, there is a heavy competition to buy the distribution rights. If this film becomes a big hit too, then Vikram would be the second highest paid hero in Tamil cinema, after Superstar Rajini, say speculators. 'Arul', which has begun amidst big expectations, will be released on Tamil New Year Day.

Three big films have already been lined up to be released on April 14th- Vijay's 'Gilli', Ajith's 'Ji' and director Manirathnam's film starring Surya and Madhavan, 'Aayutha Yezhuthu'.

Is April 14th going to be the ‘Superstar’ Election day?


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