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IR's music in Mugham IR's music in Mugham

Topic started by Krish Chandra (@ on Thu Jul 31 00:26:32 EDT 2003.
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Happened to watch the tamil movie 'Mugham' on KTV yesterday. Man! what a refreshing movie. In these days when you can't watch a movie with your family, I can say that I watched it with my parents without feeling embarrased. Two outstanding aspects of the movie - great BGM by IR and a very good acting by Nasser. The BGM was haunting, to say the least. The score reiterates that fact that IR is the one and only MD who knows the importance of BGM in an Indian movie. If at all any Indian can make his/her mark felt in the western music world, it's IR. Any doubt, watch this movie. I would like knowledgeable people to discuss his score in this movie. Thanks!


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