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<b>Ilayaraja-Vairamuthu-Bharadiraja-Will they Unite??</b> Ilayaraja-Vairamuthu-Bharadiraja-Will they Unite??

Topic started by Jay (@ on Tue Apr 22 02:31:54 EDT 2003.
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Will the trio re-unite?
Ilayaraja - Bharathi Raja - Vairamuthu
Once, this was the winning combination. From their thought streams rose some unforgettable films.
A few months ago, when Bharatiraaja's mother had passed away, the three giants had an opportunity to meet with each other again. Photographs of the three standing together appeared in magazines and newspapers.
Everybody was happy about it. They expected a reunion.
Friends began enquiring.
But, the three had one answer- can't fix a broken mirror.
While making 'Ramanaa', producer 'Oscar' Ravichandran tried to work out a compromise between them because his films always had either Ilayaraaja or Vairamuthu. His attempts failed. It began as a clash of egos and grew into difference of opinion. The intensity is still there. So is the anger. This is a big setback for Tamil cine industry.


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