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ENGINEER being revived ENGINEER being revived

Topic started by STONE COLD (@ on Sat Oct 30 06:54:50 EDT 2004.
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Engineer being revived with Surya as the lead!

Chellamay did wonders to a few careers. It was a perfect launch
vehicle for Vishal, put Reema's career on top and gave director
Gandhi Krishna a good break after an initial hiccup. The hiccup was
in the form of Engineer which Krishna launched about a decade ago.
The movie had the then heart throb Arvind Swamy paired with the then
Bollywood queen Madhuri Dixit. Adding to the glittering cast was A R
Rahman's music. The film was based on a dam being built across a
village. Unfortunately, the movie was shelved after the pooja and
initial photo shoot.
Now it looks like the success of Chellamay has infused fresh oxygen
to the Engineer project. Gandhi Krishna is trying to give Engineer a
new lease of life. But with both the lead cast away from movies, the
film will have a new look with a different cast. Sources say that
Krishna approached Surya with the script and the latter was impressed
with it. Now the director is busy finalizing a suitable heroine.


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