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The INVISIBLE and The UNHEARD - What role can Listeners play in re-establishing QUALITY in TFM? The INVISIBLE and The UNHEARD - What role can Listeners play in re-establishing QUALITY in TFM?

Topic started by Naaz (@ on Thu Mar 28 10:41:25 EST 2002.
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Vanakkam/Namaskar !
This is the first time I am initiating a discussion. In the last year that I have visited this site I have heard many views on the current state of Tamizh and Tamizh Film Music. Moving out of the ARR-IR tugs and pulls, it would be good to hear your comments on the FUTURE of Tamizh/Film Music:
Points to consider:
1. Globalism is a Reality: How has this affected the packaging of TFM?
2. Is blatant imitation of "Western" trends in TF Music a sign of Progress/Evolution?
3. There is a strong sense of discontent among tamizh film music listeners (what I have gleaned from posters here - no definitive survey :-)) with regards to the way Tamizh has been corrupted in the name of "fashion" or "novelty" - Is this trend reversible? Or is this the way of the Future?
4. Masses and Music: The old Chicken and Egg argument: Masses influence the Music/ Music influences the Masses - What is the role of the Tamizh Audience in this? Are criticism and discrenment powerless vis-a-vis the Marketing Machinery?
5. The slow decline in meaning and music - singing/lyrics/refinement - can these be fixed? Or is this undeserving of serious thought/input?
6. How (and where) do you see Tamizh Film Music - five years down the road?

These are some genuine concerns. Please, let us do our best, to make this an engaging discussion. I look foward (no personal blame-games please) your insights and ideas. Do add to the above list of concerns if you find them to be incomplete...

Best to All!


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