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<b>Tamil Politicians ANGRY with TFM</b> Tamil Politicians ANGRY with TFM

Topic started by t (@ on Sun Dec 21 22:57:06 EST 2003.
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"Film songs are addictive!"
- 18-12-2003
PMK’s Dr Ramdas was taking a break after the massive controversy regarding the film ‘Baba’. Now, he’s back. This time, his target is songs.

This is the season for Carnatic music in the city of Chennai. Just to counter this influence and bring out the heritage of Tamil music, a parallel music festival, Pongu Tamiz Pannisai Peruvizha’ was launched yesterday. Dr Ramdas presided over the function while Mu Karunanidhi inaugurated it.

Like everybody else, Ramdas reiterated that they should be singing Tamil songs too along with the Telugu keerthanas and aaradhanas. He also used this opportunity to lash out at Tamil film songs.

“In films that are intended purely for making money, we have songs written in vulgar Tamil and English. These are usually phrases with double meanings. Music, rather noise, is composed with 70-80 screaming musical instruments. This has become an addiction among the youngsters. This is leading to cultural degradation.

“If this was not enough, it has become a trend to play such cheap songs at temple festivals and conduct obnoxious dance programs to go with the songs,” he said.

There is an opinion that Tamil film songs are helping bridge the cultural gap between us and the NRI Tamilians around the world. In this scenario, Dr Ramdas’ opinion comes as a complete contrast.

Protest against Tamil film music intensifies

Music directors better be prepared for some rough weather because Dr Ramdas is getting ready to clean up the music industry and remove all the western influence.

The speech at the inauguration of a parallel music festival wasn’t mere words. Ramdas added,

“Right now, Tamil film songs are being composed in such a way that they are destroying the Tamil culture and traditional values. We need to change this. I’m not going to start fasting protest for this.

“I’m simply going to go and do a sit-in protest at the homes of lyricists and music directors and not budge from the place till they give a written declaration that they wouldn’t write or compose lyrics or music that would in any way degrade the Tamil culture. Until they give this declaration, I’m literally going to be an uninvited guest, eating and living with them”

Maybe its about time we simply closed the censor Board down and hand the responsibility over to such zealous politicians who are out to chastise the entertainment industry. What do you think?


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