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<b>Anbae Anbae for Rs. 20/=</b> Anbae Anbae for Rs. 20/=

Topic started by Jay (@ on Tue Apr 29 01:51:35 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

'Anbe Anbe' crucial test for everybody!

'Anbae Anbae' is coming your way on the 1st of May this year.

This is a low budget film from AVM in a long long time.

The film's audio cassettes are being sold at Rs 20 each. After the entry of AR Rehman, prices of audio cassettes had sky rocketed. Now, with a price tag of Rs 20, 'Anbae Anbae' seems to be in the leading position.

After 'Gemini', there was nothing more from Bharadwaj. Shyam is yet to have a big hit. Heroine Sharmili's first film wasn't that pleasant either. And, the director is a fresher.

The situation being so tense, everybody is eagerly looking forward to the film's success. Director Manibharati hopes that in this story about a joint family, the love scenes and Vivek's comedy will save the audience from boredom. Each time a low budget film succeeds, Tamil film industry gets a fresh leash of life.

In the year 2003, it had nothing to celebrate except the success of 'Dhool'. Will 'Anbae Anbae' be the next good news?


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