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<b>Hot News- Ram Gopal Varma signs Ilayaraja for VAASTU SHASTRA</B> Hot News- Ram Gopal Varma signs Ilayaraja for VAASTU SHASTRA

Topic started by fb (@ on Mon Aug 2 00:32:04 EDT 2004.
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Ram Gopal Verma woos Illayaraja after Rehman says no to 'Vaastu Shastra'
Monday August 2 2004 00:58 IST

MUMBAI: Ram Gopal Verma is planning to sign up South Indian music veteran Illayaraja for his next flick 'Vaastu Shastra'.

A.R.Rahman was earlier approached for the music of the film, but when he refused, Verma personally headed down south to woo the southern legend.

Vaastu Shastra is being directed by Saurabh Narang, produced by K. Sera Sera and Ram Gopal Verma and stars Sushmita Sen, Chakravarthy, Piya Rai Chaudhary and Purab Kohli.


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