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S.V.Sekhar's tantrums during his present US tour S.V.Sekhar's tantrums during his present US tour

Topic started by sarayu (@ on Wed Oct 11 11:31:41 EDT 2000.
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Hi friends,

Most of you must be aware that S.V. Sekhar and his troupe are currently touring the US. I know that lot of you might be his fans. I agree that he is a good comedian, but as a part of the organizing team in one of the cities I just want to share the frustrations we faced and the cheap behavior of the troupe. Most of us who are members of cultural organizations, are volunteers who solely do this for the cultural interest and not for any personal profit.

We have hosted a lot of artists in the past years and each one has had their own set of demands and behavior but no one can beat Mr. Sekhar as he is a class of his own.

To cite a few examples of his cheapness, starting from their arrival at the airport they claim that their baggage is damaged during the flight with the airlines, and try to get cash in exchange of the flight vouchers given by the airlines from the local hosts. What we realized later on was that he was doing it in every city "with an already damaged baggage". To top it all , when he requests complimentary tickets from the organizers, the organizers give it to him on the assumption that he will give that to the people who host his troupe but what he does is he sends out his PRO to the ticket counter and "sells those complimentary tickets"!!!He talks as if he is "richer and makes more money" than people like us ("according to him most of the tamils like us swipe credit cards and exist because of it"!!) but all he thinks of is how to make more money out of each possible cheap way!! The list will go on and on. Let me stop with above examples!!!

Moreover he demands that if his group stays in a city during the weekdays it is compulsory for the hosts to show his group around the city or,
assemble his entire group of 12-14 people at a certain place during daytime. When the organizers try to explain that it is tough during a weekday, when in most places both the husband and wife go to work he starts talking in his own tangent in a very sarcastic and derogatory way insulting the people around.

The people he insults are generally highly professional and decent people who do not want to stoop down to his level and so try to ease the atmosphere by giving in to his tantrums.

What he does not realise is that if he "requests" and not "demands" these kind of things the hosts would be voluntarily willing to help him.
As hosts we do have to make sure that their transportation, stay and food needs to be taken care of but not unreasonable demands. If at least once, people like Mr. S.V.Sekhar are made to stay in a cheap motel and asked to eat salads, sandwiches and pizzas continuously these people will realise the importance of hosts who try to create and accomodate a typical Indian atmosphere!!

Experiences like these make me wonder whether these people deserve the respect and treatment they are given!!!


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