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The best of K.J.Jesudas The best of K.J.Jesudas

Topic started by SRI (@ on Tue Aug 26 07:15:37 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

In this thread Let us disscuss About the songs of
the great K.J.Jesudas Which we liked the most.

Try to give songs of different types like one in carnatic ,romantic ,sad and so on.

Here are the ones that I loved the most

carnatic - Kalaivaniya (Sindhu Bairavi)
Romantic - Raja raja solzhan naan
Duet - Poove enna poratam
Enthan nenjil neengatha
Sad - Poove sem poove
oorellam un pattu than
Dappankudhu - thanni thoddi thedi vandha
Thalattu - Kanne kalaimaanae

Now your favourites please. Please guys don't
start any fights here. Let this thread be

K.J.Jesudas against K.J.Jesudas


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