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Tale of South Indian Music !! Tale of South Indian Music !!

Topic started by Indrajith (@ on Wed Aug 4 07:51:46 EDT 2004.
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Tale of music in South Indian Cinemas!!

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
Music has been part of rather the way of life of Indians particularly south indians.
We have been indulged much into music where we found solace for all the sorrow
and for all it gave us the happiness we needed. Our culture and music were interlinked
so much that we dont do anything under the sky without music, from ploughing to
parades , love to war and life to death.

I trust nowdays we have moved much towards the westernization of our life and
music. Could not make it a point that, The westenized living led to westernized music
or vice versa. Now people who give and listen to "this" sort of music claim that
change is the only thing that can never change and the music has evolved and
no one can stop doing this.

Indian Music is always related to god, war and love. The True Music should invoke the
GOD inside you not the ANIMAL. Not many will accept that the music these days is
more for the ANIMAL side than GOD.

This is the point of time where we stand and decide to look back of what has happened
all these years and eras. How the music evolved form the life of people to the entertainment
cadre. Music has not been treated as an entertainment tool in the first place. It was
part and parcel of life. Then slowly moved over to the entertainment section.

This is an effort to cover how music has been through ages and how the transformation
from Dramas and Kutcheries to the place where we stand today.

You can also put in your thoughts regarding the song structures, musical inclination of people,
music instruments used , Various forms of music and how it made it big in the movies.

Hope many will accept that we have been made consumers of "What the boss gives!!".
Music directors over the ages have been short of the Magic and started borrowing from
western music and even Black music and started pounding it on us and now
we have to search of words and melody ( ofcourse some can say that there are many, I claim
there are not as many as we would have liked it to be )

This is a journey through the path of music from few centuries ago and to this **** century. From "Vayal Varappugal" to Silver screen and Discs and Pocket jams.
We shall start from the "Sanga Kalam " or even before that to the day ..
Here we are trying to look down the path we/our music have/has travelled all the way through.

You are welcome to put in your views...
This is not an arena for any fight outs or show downs.

Please make this thread a place for healthy debate and information sharing.

Please put in your views regardging Music, Lifestyle & Music, Any South indian Language /music shall be discussed.

Looking forward for your responses.


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