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Learn Tamil Through TFM Learn Tamil Through TFM

Topic started by tigger (@ on Sun Apr 13 12:13:57 EDT 2003.
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Hi all,

I have learnt lots of Tamil words through tfm, but there are so many words that I still dont know the meaning of. I would love to improve my Tamil vocabulary, but resources are limited. I was wondering if we can have a thread that helps out in this regard. People post the words they dont understand and someone who knows responds with the answer. For this to succeed the old-timers have to get involved, bcos I dont know many younger guys who know much Tamil words :)


1. samsaaram enbathu veenai..santhosham enbathu raagam.. xxx xxx illai
I used xxx because I dont even know what he was saying. was it "salanam galadhi illai"? What does that mean?

2. En mana vaanil siragai virikkum.. from Kasi. There is a line kalakalakala vena thulli kuthikkum sinnanchiru kalaiyey.. what does kalai mean?

3. Anjanam. What does it mean? (Used in various songs)

4. Uchi vaguntheduthu pichu poo vacha kili..What does this mean?

Please answer people!


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