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IR' biggest blunders...... IR' biggest blunders......

Topic started by naan sense (@ on Mon Sep 15 21:26:21 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Biggest blunder is losing Vani Jayaram. Seems like any IR song would've sounded super if VJ voice was there (whereas SJ voice was suited for SG, MSV)
2. blunder: Choosing Mano over SPB
3: Not giving enuff songs to Jayachandran and using weird voices like Krishnachandra etc..
4. Letting poor vocal control of PS, KJY and SJ in many a super IR song.
5: Sadma' poor songs without understanding Hindi market.
6. Wasting efforts in Kannada/Mal movies where he apparently does not have much recognition.
But, the biggest is Vani Jayaram. what a major loss to TFM


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