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Topic started by Guru (@ on Sun Sep 15 12:07:21 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Illayaraja has sung a variety and lot of songs. His voice fits in all situations, say:
[1] Title Songs: Descriptive to Romantic- eg: Kadhai Kelu Kadhai Kelu (MMKR), Kannukulla Kannama (Kadhal kavidhai)
[2] Duet Songs: Excited to Pathetic
Eg:Poo Maalaiye Thol Serava, Naan thedum, indha maan , AVADHAARAM etc
[3] Background: Happy/Sad
Eg:Sethu, My Dear Marthandan, THAAI MOOKAMBIKAI
and what almost all aspects, everything suiting to the mood (MSV tried but not fitted).

But can any other MD try this and succeed as He has done it!! I guess it'll be tough (impossible?) for Rahman even to think of this and for Deva or so to even attempt this


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