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<b>Music Director, Mani Sharma completes half Century in T(T)FM</b>. Music Director, Mani Sharma completes half Century in T(T)FM.

Topic started by Jay (@ on Tue Apr 8 08:56:21 EDT 2003.
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Music Director Mani Sharma, has always been a favourite for Tamil and Telugu music lovers. He started his career with the nation's celebrated director, Ram Gopal Varma's RAAT (Hindi-Revathi, Chinna, Om Puri) giving its background score. RAAT was produced by Bonney Kapoor. From then, there was no looking back for him. Keeping his inspiration as music maestro, Ilayaraja, Mani Sharma has always believed in giving good melodies to his music lovers. He doesn't believe in blowing his own trumpet, and has always let his wonderful work speak for him. He has given a variety of hits in Tamil (Shahjahan, Youth, Ezhumalai and many more.. and in Telugu (Murari, Bobby, Okkadu, Indira and many many more).

This January 2003, Mani Sharma completed his 50th Music Release, the Telugu film, Okkadu (*ing: Mahesh Babu, Bhoomika, Prakash Raj). Okkadu, has been a phenomenal success, with respect to music and the film. He has been very lucky for stars like, Mahesh Babu (Murari, Bobby, Okkadu) in Telugu and Vijay in Tamil (Shahjahan, Youth). Now, he is also composing the music for the Tamil remake of Okkadu which will be produced by A M Rathnam starring Vijay. This film would be called as GILLI. Way to go Mani Sharma. Best of Luck and Congrats!! from your Fans.


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