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<b>Srikanth Deva's <i>M.Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi</i></b> Srikanth Deva's M.Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi

Topic started by u (@ on Mon Feb 23 23:10:03 EST 2004.
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Raviís film launched

By Moviebuzz
Monday, 23 February , 2004, 16:46

M.Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi was launched with a lot of fanfare today at the Prasad Studios in Chennai. Ravi, one of the biggest discoveries of 2003 with Jayam is the hero.
Raviís father Ďeditorí Mohan is the producer and brother M.Raja who trusts only remakes was searching for the right film to recreate the magic. Now they are remaking the Telugu blockbuster Amma Naana OíTamil Ammai (ANOTA) .

The film titled M.Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi will have Ravi playing the happy-go-lucky guy Kumaran who listens only to his mother. Nadia Moidu who is making a second entry into films after a 10-year break will play the powerful motherís role. Telugu actress Asin is the heroine and the cast also has Vivek, Prakash Raj and Raj. Music is by debutant Srikanth Deva, son of Deva. Stunts are by Peter Haynes and dialogues are by Prasanna Kumar.

The first shot was taken in front of a pillayar idol on Ravi and Nadia. Said Nadia: ďIt is good to be back in front of the camera after a long break. The role excited me and thatís why I am hereĒ. Young stars like Srikanth, Dhanush and Sibi Raj attended the pooja along with the bigwigs of the industry.


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