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Kamal Hassan: actor,singer, producer and director Kamal Hassan: actor,singer, producer and director

Topic started by M.Sridharan (@ on Thu Feb 17 05:03:42 EST 2000.
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Hi everybody!

I think Kamal Hassan is a good actor and singer. As far as
producing is concerened he lacks the traits of a good producer
and some of his flops like "Guna" are a standing testimony. Now he
is venturing into direction and I have heard that he is spending
all his hard earned money on "Maruthunayagam". I think this is a foolish act. I don't see any such original, extra ordinary talents
in him. I saw his hindi version of "Avvi Shanmugi" (Chachi 420). It was blunt and uninteresting. Most of the scenes (almost all)
were copied from Avvi Shanmugi. I think any wise person would not
take his success too far and this "head strong presumption" attitude will lead to disaster. I am not criticising him for taking up direction or producing. Infact such a confident act at
such an age is remarkable. But confidence should not lead to over
confidence. We need kamal as an actor not as a director or producer. Even his script writing is good like the story line in
"Thevar Magan" was simply superb. I have more points to support
my views but I wish to terminate my arguement here.

Folks drop in your veiws and let it be a healthy discussion!
(Can anyone tell me how "Hey Ram" is faring at the box office?)

Nanri, Vanakkam.


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