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Yesudas and Illayaraja Yesudas and Illayaraja

Topic started by Arasu Dakshin (@ on Mon Jul 13 02:05:37 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

With so many topics opened, I have not seen one that discussed these two great musicians. Yesudas and IR have provided TFM some soothing melodies and wonderful songs. Let me start by opening the thread with "Edho Ninaivugal" ... This song has mesmerized me for a long time. Please bring out the best songs with these two and I would personally like to get a list of the songs and keep it safe for a million years.

PS :: Please for heaven sake do not drag ARR into this... This should be purely related to KJY and IR with comments related to the songs and their beauty.. Awaiting your responses....


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