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Topic started by raguraam (@ on Fri Oct 22 00:21:45 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

here are many talented and gifted artists staying out of the industry due to the fact they have no films to do , the list is wide enough and covers most respected figures in the tamil industry , I feel though the industry might look healthy now, but after a while we can see there will be a big vaccum , with no quality movies around.First shall i give you a list of persons without any movie on their hand.

SHYAM(EXCEPT FOR GIRIVALAM),MADHAVAN,SILAMBARASAN,DHANUSH(nothing concrete all said are not executed only for his dreams),SURYA(i dobut the bala pdn movie will save him),SIDDHARTH,Kamal hassan (yet to come out)

Music Directors.

Ar.Rehman(once a master blaster, now it seems he has lost his magic wand),Yuvan, Karthik raja(his vijaykant movie cannot be given credit),Manisharma,S.A.Rajkumar,Illayaraja( this year his Virumandi alone was a noted release,to hear new Raaja songs we have to atleast wait for a year),Harris Jeyaraj(no movies in the offering, his mentor Gautam menon yet to come out with a movie)


K.S.Ravikumar, Thangar Bachan, Muruga doss,Bala,Vikraman(sick family centiments),Kathir (sick Love sentiments),Dharani,Mani Rathnam,Gautam Menon(except for retake of his kk in various languages)
These directors have finished their last films before six - seven months but yet to start or tell plans for their new movies.


Oscar Ravichandran, Super Good Films,AVM,Indian thetares,
These production houses too have completed their films long ago , These production houses barring AVM allways others have one project releasing and another in the making .Now there seems to be a big Gap.

I feel soon the industry is going to feel the heat ,but on the other side there are stand alone cheerful things happening Rajini coming back with P.vasu and sivaji films .Prasanth staging a come back with AAyuthum and Adaikalam,Ajith trying with JEE,but nothing more has come out on the whole.If this trend continues there wont be any quality movie in the offering as it happened in bollywood we will also have only sex-related movies,Who is going to Change the Course of the Ship.


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