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ARR'S best selling albums in malasiya ARR'S best selling albums in malasiya

Topic started by malasiyan (@ on Fri Jul 25 21:04:10 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi all,
I found contraversy between tamilnadu and malasiya!!!.Here is the list of ARR hits in malasiya.

Vandicholai chinna rasu,
Love birds,
Alli arjuna,
Parthale paravasam,
Kadal virus,
Kannathil muthamittal.

Parthale paravasam is still No.1 now in malasiya moviewise and in audio sales.

Vandicholai chinnarasu audio cassette sold more than Dhalapathi,roja.

When I went to tamilnadu I talked about the ARR's hit albums. They told roja,kadalan and something else they are No.1 flop in malasiya.
Many people were not knowing about the great albums albums like alliarjuna,uzhavan they are boxoffice hit in malasiya.They came to know about these albums from me!!!!.
I wondered what the hell is going in tamilnadu. They don't know these ARR's great albums.

Is there nuts living in tamilnadu?.

Are they nuts in tamilnadu?.


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