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Endrum Illayaraaja..... Endrum Illayaraaja.....

Topic started by evolution vii (@ on Tue Nov 12 22:19:20 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

was going thru my antique cassette collection (which ran into hundreds..)& came across this valuable rare illaiyaraaja solo & duet combo was from the mid 1980's...

was sent to nostalgia listening to the..
"aarum athu aalam illai"...
"thupaaki kayil eduthu"...
"naan thedum sevanthi poovithu"
"poo malaiyey"
"intha maan athu sontha maan"
"adi athaadi"...

really miss those days when illayaraaja's tune coupled wif gd directors/actors was the main reason movies to ran more than 100 mentionable actor was "mike pugal" velli vizha nayagan Mohan...


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